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Here's just a few tips that I discovered while losing weight the South Beach Diet way ....

  • Caffeine addicts: Coffee is ok! Although it is an appetite stimulant, you can eat pretty much what you want on the South Beach Diet, so it's no big deal. Plus, coffee can raise your metabolism.
    Be sure not to add sugar ... use artificial sweetener instead.
  • If you have a sweet tooth, be sure to have an approved dessert (e.g. diet jelly) after your evening meal.
  • My favourite dressing for salads is a 50:50 mixture of extra virgin olive oil and freshly squeezed lemon juice (mix briskly with a fork). This adds life to salads (which otherwise don't excite me too much), and really helped my succeed with the diet.
  • This diet is not the cheapest way to lose weight, however omelettes provide a quick, tasty, and economical meal (especially with melted low-fat cheese). I put all sorts of things in there!
  • Remember, unlike many diets, egg yolks are fully permitted. So, no more pale anemic looking eggs - you can enjoy the real thing!
  • Diet soda is OK too, as it contains no carbs. I got quite thirsty while on the initial phase of this diet, and the diet soda was a great relief.
  • Canadian bacon has a lower fat content than normal bacon. If you can track this down, treat yourself to an indulgent breakfast of steak, eggs, and bacon - all while losing weight!


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