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The South Beach Diet versus The Atkins Diet

Comparing the Two Diets Side-by-side

Many people have made the comment that the South Beach Diet is merely a "copy" of the Atkins Diet.

However, the more you study both diets in details, the more you'll realize this is not the case.

The two diets are similar in that they are broken down into 3 phases:

  • an initial "rapid weight loss phase",
  • a subsequent "gradual weight loss" phase,
  • then an ongoing "maintenance" phase.

Other than this, the two diets are very different.

The South Beach Diet does not limit carbohydate intake like the Atkins diet does.

Instead, it distinguishes between "Good Carbs" and "Bad Carbs", and there's no real limits placed on the good carbs you may eat.

Furthermore, whereas the Atkins diet does not limit fat intake (in fact, it encourages a high level of fat intake, including unhealthy saturated fats), the South Beach diet distingushes between "Good Fats" and "Bad Fats"

The South Beach Diet includes six meals per day (including snacks and breakfast), and even on the first - and strictest - phase, dinner includes an approved dessert! (which aside from "rounding off" a delicious meal, has the effect of reducing temptation and elimination cravings for something sweet afterwards).

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